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Knights of Noblemen

Travel back to medieval England and become a Nobleman! Hire mercenaries and train them into a team of adept warriors, equip them with the most destructive weaponry and take satisfaction in decimating those that would fight against you or your alliance!

248 37 | Category: Strategy

Mobile! Free Online Browser Based MMORPG. Your task is to take charge of one of six ancient races and battle to the finish. Build up your army, defend your base, pillage and plunder others. Mine for gold, build huts, outposts and forts. Purchase a range...

0 37 | Category: Fantasy
Many Suns

Mobile! Seeing the inevitable destruction of the empire your ancestors began the race to construct intergalactic colony ships. Your ship was launched before your home world was destroyed in the maelstrom. It contains all the knowledge for survival and...

0 37 | Category: Science Fiction
Accursed Lands

More an online virtual world than a multi-user-dungeon (MUD), we plan to become an online interactive novel, where people from across the world will animate the characters and form the plotlines. Philosophy: Enabling the playerbase to have more...

0 37 | Category: MUD
Mad Pac

Pacman remake with teleports, speed pills, and more.

0 36 | Category: Classic
online games

free online gaming

0 35 | Category: Console Gaming Websites
Sarap Ragnarok Online | REBORN!

STATISTICS - Max Base Level: 99 Max Job Level: 70 Base Exp: 3k Job Exp: 3k Quest Exp: 1k Item Drop Rate: 50% Card Drop Rate: 30% MVP Item Drop Rate: 30% MVP Card Drop Rate: 5% Max ASPD: 190 Instant Cast: 150 DEX Host: Dedicated, Stable, 99.9% Uptime! Lag...

0 35 | Category: Ragnarok Online

Sacred-Knights is an online web-based MMORPG.

0 34 | Category: RPG
Crime Legend

The best Mafia MMORPG. Many unique features such as Gangsters, District, Troop, Master-Disciple.

0 34 | Category: Mafia
Infamous Wars

Information coming coming soon

0 34 | Category: MMORPG Generic
Poker Games Online

Poker India is exciting at Build your bankroll money stack by participating in the freeroll games and win like a millionaire.

0 34 | Category: Gaming Help Websites
Rummy Online  Play Online Rummy Games Free  KhelPlayRummy

Play Rummy Online for Cash Prizes. Play Free Online Rummy Card Games in India. Get Bonus and Win Real Money at KhelPlay Rummy Site - Play Now

0 34 | Category: Card

What would life be like as a spy Join to become a secret agent and build up your empire - secretly, and underground. This massive multiplayer online game gives you the chance to complete against other agents and become the best around

0 34 | Category: MMORPG Generic
Legends of Elveron

A free online strategy war game where you strive to become a legend yourself. Join either the forces of good or evil, choose between 12 different fantasy races.

0 33 | Category: Strategy

GreaterMUD is a homage to the great game MajorMUD that work was stopped on years ago. It is now being brought back to life with a completely new engine. If you love MUDs you will LOVE GreaterMUD. Check it out, It's Free! :)

0 33 | Category: MUD