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Sudocomo is a simple experiment of a multiuser collaborative Sudoku game. You can play alone as well as together with other players. You can jump in in the middle of an ongoing game and leave whenever you want.

0 9 | Category: Trivia/Puzzle
Upland Knights

Upland Knights is a free browser based strategy game set in Medieval times. Build your kingdom to rule the land and battle your enemies. No downloads required.

0 1 | Category: Strategy
Chaos City - Free Online Web RPG

Chaos City is a free online web text RPG. This game can be played on anything that can run a web browser. In the year 2015 the world broke into panic causing mass havoc all around the globe. Once great cities are now nothing but burned down in the mass...

0 3 | Category: RPG
Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox

Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox is a game where you have control over an evolving world. You will design and create species to populate the world and see them interact and evolve. The rules which govern this world are relatively simple, but will result in...

0 2 | Category: Sim
Sryth - Fantasy Text RPG

Sryth is a single-player, story-driven fantasy RPG you play right in your browser. Start your adventures today!

0 4 | Category: RPG

Mafia Destiny is a free to play game but you can still pay for exclusive items to get ahead of other players. New game need staff.

0 2 | Category: Mafia

Free online text based gangster game, an addictive oldskool style game with over 100 cars to steal and upgrade, over 100 missions, multi crimes, own casinos and bullet factories, kill other players online oh and did we forget to mention every 12 weeks we...

0 2 | Category: Action
Agar Private Server

Fastest Private Servers If you want to play game without freezes or lags, try our servers. Fast & secure private servers for gamers.

0 24 | Category: Gaming News Websites
The Lone Detective

Free Online Detective Game - The Lone Detective - fully browser based detective mystery game.

0 5 | Category: Classic
Extreme Luge

Race your luge through treacherous canyons, watching out for the walls and a gory demise.

0 3 | Category: Action

MafiaEmpires ( is a 3D browser MMORPG set in a dark, musky underworld where only the best make it to the top.

0 4 | Category: MMORPG Generic

Goleada is Free multiplayer browser game - Football manager. Every user manages his own club, develops his players and orders a lineup to play against the another managers in Live matches. The matches can be watched in 3D or 2D viewers, the managers can...

0 3 | Category: Sports

Play World-Mafia - the best online text based multiplayer RPG game, on any device. Train and fight your way to the top of your own criminal empire

0 5 | Category: Mafia
Aevum Obscurum

Aevum Obscurum is a free online turn-based multiplayer strategy game. You will have to take control of an empire at the beginning of the 14th century, Earth. Your strategy is to have absolut control within the next years to come.

0 6 | Category: Strategy