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Virtual Pets

List, promote and advertise your virtual pets games and related websites

Virtual pet game

A virtual pet game with domesticating features. Feed your pet, take care of his health, and teach him nice figures.

0 8 | Category: Virtual Pets

Eliyo is a fantasy world ripe for exploration. Play as an adventurer gaining loyal companions, pets, by capturing or breeding elons. Build strong relationships with your elons and gain bonus in battle.

0 12 | Category: Virtual Pets

Ettapets is a brand new virtual pet site which is unique because the pets interact with the user and each other. The graphics are high quality and the layout is user friendly and ad free. The developers are active players and committed to improvement.

0 11 | Category: Virtual Pets
NanoPets - Homepage

Welcome to NanoPets, NanoPets is a free virtual pet website full of games, adventures, friendly users and much much more. The first thing to do is Register or if you already have an account Login. Once you have Registered or Logged in, Why not have a...

0 9 | Category: Virtual Pets

Kawaii Petsu! A Whole New World of Digital Pets

0 8 | Category: Virtual Pets
Home  Xanje

A collectible pet site with a strong emphasis on community. Each type has thousands of color combinations, so every pet is unique. You can grow, breed, and quest with your pets to allow them to reach their full potential

0 8 | Category: Virtual Pets

Adopt a virtual pet, explore various words, and battle other pets.

0 11 | Category: Virtual Pets
Kaylune; Home

In the ever growing world of Kayrth, you are met with endless options for hours of entertainment and immersion. It starts with creating virtual pets, but you can delve much deeper into what Kaylune has to offer with things like quests, games, and active...

0 8 | Category: Virtual Pets

Novilar is a virtual pet RPG. Go on adventures and unlock the secrets of your new home alongside unique animal companions.

0 11 | Category: Virtual Pets

Origins is a virtual pet and avatar community with aspirations of integrating RPG. We aim to offer users an exciting, Asian-inspired setting to collect pets, dress avatars and RP in

0 26 | Category: Virtual Pets
Wajas  Wolf Breeding Sim  Online Pet Site  Dog Breeding Game - Home

A fun site with games, breeding virtual pets, and more.

0 10 | Category: Virtual Pets
Final Furlong

Final Furlong is an online simulated horse racing game that is full of realism, action, and fun. Members can own, train, race, breed, buy, and sell fictional Thoroughbred racehorses racing on dirt, turf, and steeplechase all year round. Come check out...

0 7 | Category: Virtual Pets

Tails of the Heart is an innovative new canine simulation game that focuses on two very different aspects of owning dogs With a score of unique features, pages, and art, Tails of the Heart is simple and amazing fun. Focus your kennel on competition dogs...

0 12 | Category: Virtual Pets
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