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Rituals and Ruins

Where Magic overcomes all. Come join us in an Adventure, with Mythical Creatures to Aid you in your Daily doings. Explore the World of Oberon where many Mysteries await you.

1 8 | Category: RPG
Mafia Based

Mafia Based is a Mafia Based, game where you can do a lot of things,become the president own a Casino, murder other players, Get married(being worked on)

1 12 | Category: RPG

Welcome to NewHopeMUSH, a Star Trek MUSH set in the Delta Quadrant, fifty years after the U.S.S. Voyager made it back to the Alpha Quadrant. During the plot of Star Trek: Voyager, we see a crew constantly trying to get home to the Alpha Quadrant. Now, a...

1 12 | Category: RPG
Crime city mafia

ABOUT CCM Crimecity-Mafia is a text based, Role playing crime game. Commit crimes, Mug people, Play the casino, Be a property broker, Play the stock market, Setup dog fights or claim bounties on peoples heads. Train in the gym, Use merits to upgrade,...

1 7 | Category: RPG
Heroes And Dragons

Heroes And Dragons is an online RPG where you are the Hero and heir of Xartag and must rise up to defeat the Shadow Night Dragon! New features are being added all the time: Unique Guild Features 6 Quests Rare items and much much more!

1 9 | Category: RPG

Start life as a humble Tramp in the world of GBMafia, do crimes, earn money and kill players on your way up to becoming a feared mafioso!

1 7 | Category: RPG
AMZGAME - An Online Platform to Publish Free Browser Games

AMZGAME is an online platform to publish new and high quality free browser games, is an international online game publisher specializing in micropayment based pay-to-win browser games.

1 12 | Category: RPG
Life and Death

Life and Death is a browser based Mafia style RPG. The style to which you play is entirely up to you. Do you want to be the strongest hitman, or the richest businessman. You gain money and level by completing crimes and defeating other players. Buy a...

1 6 | Category: RPG
Military Chaos

A point and click war based game. Do you have what it takes to be the best?

1 18 | Category: RPG
Knight's Honor

strategic medieval role play game at the dark ages at about the year 1000

1 10 | Category: RPG
Raps Life

Welcome to Rapslife, sign up today to become a mobster working your way through the ranks to become the greatest and most powerful gangster in the Rappers world...

1 11 | Category: RPG
Bleach Resurrection

Bleach Resurrection is a Role-Play Forum based of the hit series Bleach. In this universe Ichigo Kurosaki never existed, but the evil known as Aizen is still a prominent danger. Mixed into the fray is a group of rogues known as the Ronin, as well as the...

1 11 | Category: RPG
Mafia Heroes

Welcome to Mafia Heroes, you have arrived in New York City, the first of many stops that you will encounter along the way to becoming the fastest strongest and smartest of all of the other Mafia heroes along the way. Collect the items you will need,...

1 16 | Category: RPG
10th Dimension - Anything Is Possible

A bowser-based game. Great graphics, amazing (free) gameplay, online 24/7. This game is based on dungeons, dragons, knights, warriors, wizards, and rangers. If you ever heard of a RuneScape Private Server, that is what we are. Here is a longer...

1 14 | Category: RPG
Majesty: Heroes of Ardania

Step into a world like no other. Ardania is a land filled with adventure and danger. Join the heroes of Ardania in their ever-vigilant task of keeping the evils of Ardania at bay... Ardania is a medieval fantasy world - filled with heroes from noble pa

1 15 | Category: RPG