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Mobs Life

Its 6:54pm in Manchester, The feeling of sadness runs right through your body everyday, and yet your unable to bring some joy into your life. You lie in a hospital bed, and you feel like a person who is lost in this gigantic world. A stranger comes to...

0 3 | Category: RPG
Pirates Of Dark Sea

The shout goes up. “SAIL HO….” Looking up you shield the rain from your face to see a flash of bright light in the distance. You are unsure if it’s just the thunder or the roar of a cannon until your whole world moves under your feet. You are under...

0 3 | Category: RPG
Bleach RPG

BRPG is based on the popular manga, Bleach. Step foot in the world of the Shinigami. Choose between becoming a Shinigami, and working your way to Captain, or becoming a Hollow, and eventoully a powerful Espada. Join a great community, there is something...

0 1 | Category: RPG

Once upon a time when Middle-Earth was still in its near infancy, Stewards and Kings ruled over their land. Above these rulers was the all mighty Valar Morogoth who was the protector of peace over the realm. He had a son named Morgoth who wanted to be...

0 3 | Category: RPG
Pimps N Hoes

Pimps N Hoes, is the NEW place to be, do you want to be a pimp? or become someones hoe? YOU decide!! We just released the new mobile layout, it is currently in BETA stages, hopefully this helps our players use the game more efficiantly Do you want...

0 2 | Category: RPG
FutureRP - Futuristic Browser-based MMORPG

FutureRP is a game based on exploration, combat, and guild rivalry. The aim of the game is to make your character the strongest, richest, and most accomplished of them all! Players gain experience from successful attacks, completed quests, raids...

0 4 | Category: RPG
Renaissance Kingdoms

The biggest multiplayer role playing game on the web

0 7 | Category: RPG
Mafia Rising

Fun, fast paced, user friendly, browser based MMORPG set in the world of the mafia. Great, slightly crazy community and active staff. Join today, you won't be disappointed. Mafia Rising is a brand new, free, turn-based MMORPG, based on the real mafia...

0 3 | Category: RPG
Street Racers

Game Street Racers is browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). You will be racing against other racers, participate in tournaments, buy and sell cars and their parts. All the cars and car parts in this game are modelled in 3D and...

0 4 | Category: RPG
Salt & Steel

Salt & Steel is a realtime game of pirates, sea battles and amazing, exotic adventures Customise and equip your ship with epic parts, deadly weapons and abilities, to complete dangerous quests, battle the champions of the sea and challenge your...

0 2 | Category: RPG
ZanDekaron - Home of Unlimited Coins

ZanDekaron is a fun, fast-past, Dekaron private server. - EXP rate - x1500 - Drop rate - x1000 - Max level - 250 - Socketing rate - 100% - Argating rate - 100%/90% - Action 6 skills - Hope to see you soon! - ZanDekaron Team

0 8 | Category: RPG
Fated Dungeon

With 1000's of online games, so many take you to the past. It is time for a change. Fated Dungeon brings the past to the now. Like no other game on the market this FREE online game pulls you into a world of adventure like you have never experienced...

0 10 | Category: RPG

Samurai Senshi the free to play samurai online role playing game. It is feudal Japan and the Shogun has fallen with a mysterious illness. With lack of administration from the Shogun the people grow restless and rebellion is in the air. Corrupt Daimyo...

0 4 | Category: RPG

Fight the Epic War between Good and Evil!

0 2 | Category: RPG
Reunited City

Reunited City is a text based, Role playing crime game. Commit crimes, Mug people, Play the casino, Be a property broker, Play the stock market, Setup dog fights or claim bounties on peoples heads. Train in the gym, Use merits to upgrade, Level up and...

0 3 | Category: RPG