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There are many crimemafia based games to play online , Mafioso has a different gameplay . are you up for the challenge

0 13 | Category: Mafia --- Become the best online criminal!

Do you have what it takes to become the greatest gangster Steal cars, employ prostitutes, produce and sell drugs, travel around the globe, not to mention frequent events, hosted by the admins, this will be the excelent solution to play out your thuggish...

4 13 | Category: Mafia

AusMafia - Online Mafia Game

0 12 | Category: Mafia
Mafia Control

Mafia Control is a text-based game, which means there is no fancy character to moves around, no flashy graphics or flames to be entranced by. There is however, your own character, your own stats, money and items, and most importantly, your own mafia! All...

0 11 | Category: Mafia

This is a web and text based role-playing game that takes place in the criminal world of the Mafia.

0 11 | Category: Mafia
Shifty Mafia

Shifty Mafia is a brand new game released early october. We are a fully established game only looking to push forward. You start your Reign as a normal up and coming mobster, Your aim is to climb the ranks in the criminal world. Spend time in the Gym or...

0 10 | Category: Mafia
Mean Crims

Welcome to paradise my fellow criminal.

0 10 | Category: Mafia

Free Online MMORPG with a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT yes... REAL CA$H via paypal. Ever wanted to be in the mob? or start your own crew well this is the place to start. Hello Mobsters Come Join a new exciting game /with online poker

0 10 | Category: Mafia
Syndicate - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - Login

Welcome to the syndicate fight your way op in the hierarchy and be the BIG Boss or be somones bitch your choise show the world what you are made off ...

0 10 | Category: Mafia
O.C. Wars RPG - Text Based MMO Game

Run your Criminal Syndicate - Mafia, Gangster, Cartel, Yakuza? You choose your path and build yourself to run the trade and battle other players in this Intense MMORPG Game.

0 10 | Category: Mafia
Prison Steam - Free Online Browser-Based MMORPG

Prison Steam is a free-to-play MMORPG that immerses you in the life of a hardened prison inmate.

0 10 | Category: Mafia

BuildYourMafiaPower Created In January 5 2018

0 10 | Category: Mafia

Dangerous City is a place where yo can build your criminal character and go your own way . This game never resets

0 10 | Category: Mafia