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Mobile games are poised to get console-like graphics


The mobile revolution for gamers has now arrived. In fact 2016 was said to be the year in which revenue generated by mobile games would outstrip that from consoles and PCs worldwide.


One simple reason for this is that more and more players are starting to favour the ease and simplicity of gaming on their mobile devices, not to mention the fact that mobile gaming can, by its very definition, be enjoyed virtually anywhere.


Games makers all round the world have not been slow to leap on to the phenomenon, producing games which are specifically designed for the mobile environment and which exploit the technology that the devices feature. A great case in point is Pokémon Go which was launched to such immediate success in mid-2016 and is a game that could only really be played on a mobile.


Of course, this is not the only example. Many others like the Candy Crush Saga and Snake have been captivating players for some time now, thanks to their simple but addictive playability.


In addition to devising ever-more appealing games and reaching out to whole new groups of potential players, the games developers have also been acutely conscious of the importance of improving the player experience. Perhaps the key element in this is the quality of the graphics. Whether you’re playing a shoot ‘em up game, a gentler kind of puzzle solving one or even online slots crisp, clean graphics with smooth, precise motion are always going to enhance the player experience.


This also has to be set against the context of the HD graphics that we’ve all come to expect from our TVs, computer screens and, naturally, the super realistic images that are very much part of playing on a console game.


So a great deal of time and investment is now being put into developing the next set of microchips that are small enough to go into mobile devices but which can match the graphics of their larger versions.


Naturally, this poses a number of issues for the tech experts. We’ve already mentioned size being one of them but the limited battery power and life of mobile devices before they need recharging is another. The sheer heat they generate is another consideration as Samsung discovered to their great cost with the ill-fated Note 7.


But never underestimate the ingenuity of the tech industry as ARM, the company that produces almost all of the CPU core designs used in Android devices, has predicted that by as soon as 2018 mobile graphics quality will be able to match the very best of console graphics.


To match this development in graphics quality it’s also very likely that work is also being done to help increase the sensitivity of games controls on mobiles – one area in which they have so far failed to approach the playability of consoles so far.

But with all of the other improvements on the way, as well as the inexorable growth of virtual and augmented reality, it surely can’t be long before this is also achieved.