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[intro] Thrill Town is a game based on creating and managing your own amusement park. Individuals construct attractions in their park and a nightly sim runs that determines who visits what park and how much money those visitors spent. [development] Parks grow via park expansion and the construction of new shops and rides. Items are unlocked via the silver and golden ticket system. These tickets are awarded for meeting certain in-game objectives and goals. These tickets can be redeemed for random in-game items which do special things or unlock new rides and attractions! [goal] Thrill Town is primarily a sandbox game, however, collecting all the in-game items is one long term goal. You can form a corporation with your friends and have your parks be ranked among other parks in the world. [finish] Thrill Town is a relaxing, easy-to-play amusement park game with MMO elements in a charming little package.

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