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Vote For Selfie Games Group Party Games
Selfie Games Group Party Games

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Looking for fun multiplayer party games for groups of 3-10 friends, family, teens, or adults Like fun draw and guess group games Selfie Games is for you NOTE Heads up, this is the central screen. You will also need to use your PHONE as the controller to snap selfies and draw something. Its available on Android and iOS . SELFIE GAMES Selfie Games is a set of fun selfie-infused casual TV party games for kids, teens, or adults, a way for you to use your phones to goof off, have fun, and make memories together in person Each player uses their phone via the mobile app or by visiting our website to snap selfies, draw something, write, guess, and more. Then everything is revealed to everyone at the same time on their central tablet or Android TV Its easy for players to join the fun, each player just goes to or opens the mobile app and enters the 6-digit game pass they see on the screen then snaps some selfies . SKETCHIES Sketchies is the first addicting drawing game available in Selfie Games, where you draw absurd doodles of your friends, write ridiculous captions for those doodles, and then try your hardest to guess which was correct. And you laugh a lot as they all appear on the central tablet or Android TV. To start, each player gets a fun unusual prompt on their telephone, something like peter shaves his head with butter while playing charades or rich rides a velociraptor while playing pictionary then does their best to draw it. It will be hard to draw, but thats expected Then, you write fun fake captions for the other players drawings to fool people into guessing them. Finally, you guess which caption you think was the original. You score when you guess something right and whenever you fool your friends into guessing your caption Sketchies works for multiplayer groups of 3 player to 10 players kids, teens, and adults and has over 500 fun prompts to draw and guess IMPORTANT NOTES - IN APP PURCHASE While the app is free to join games, at least one player who is playing needs to make the in-app purchase in the mobile app to unlock the ability to host Sketchies games. - EASY TO JOIN ON YOUR PHONE Heads up, each player will need a phone or tablet to play to draw something. They can join by visiting or with this app on Android and iOS. - FUN FOR ALL AGES While adult groups can choose to draw something in a dirty taboo way or write dirty taboo captions for people to guess, Selfie Games is fun for groups of kids, teens, or adults. - YOUR FACE IS IN THE GAME Heads up, as you face off your head appears in the drawings making it hard not to laugh when the drawings appear on the central TV to guess - DRAW WITH MULTIPLE COLORS When drawing in the app you can draw something with multiple colors - ADDICTING MULTIPLAYER GAME Multiplayer action for groups of 3 player to 10 player kids, teens, or adults in this draw and guess group game. Works well for family game night or adult game night, small group games or large group games, 3 player games all the way to 10 player group games - ERASE YOUR DRAWING When you draw something in the app you can undo the mistakes in your drawing Maybe youll draw something better the second time Ready to snap selfies, draw something absurd, write hilarious captions, guess what it is, and fool your pack in this addicting draw and guess group tv game for teens or adults Try Selfie Games today

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