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Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business empire, of becoming one of the hot shots with big purses and even bigger bank accounts? Then come to and be your own boss. This game is all about: Development Establish your own business empire by using 40 different buildings. What would you like to do? Care to start a career in stock farming, agriculture or electronics? Or would you rather be a fashion designer? Production Start your production by chosing from more than 100 different items and increase your product quality by continuous research. Cooperate with other players, or start your own production chain. Trading Sell your products to virtual clients or haggle with real players, in order to reach the best sales price. Send contracts or offer your products on the board and/or in the chat. Money and Shares With more than 110.000 eager traders and two English servers, Kapilands offers a lively community and a chance to make your fortune in no time at all. From rags to riches, your dreams will come true in Kapilands. Kapilands was voted Germany's browser game of the year 2006.

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