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MagicDuel is something realy special and unexpected. We call it a game because there is no other name you could give to such a thing, but its influences on the player lives go far beyond any simple game. MD is a most of all a community of highly intelligent people with great moral value. The game filters out its players and only certain people manage to reach its deeper levels. As outstanding features we can mention amazing hand drawn artworks that depict scene by scene a huge fantasy world with dungeons, forests, mountains and lots of secret places to discover. The players fight against other players with upgradeable creatures, but with a twist, winning is not important, balancing your win and lost fights is what matters. Trade between players is achieved in a very personal and direct way, there are no rules set, only what the community agrees to. We have our own politics system. Public meetings and massive chat areas allow players to interact and exchange knowledge. Guilds are formed and alliances influence the fate of the realm in a multiplayer story that never ends but always amazes. After over 6 years of DAILY updates the game is considered to be in Alpha because we think it will never stop evolving. There is no fixed target we aim so that we can call it final, we aim to constantly improve it and expand it, so our alpha, its more like version 10 , not to be confused with a unreleased game stage.

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