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The universe of the Firm (T.E.M Project)

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You integrate the Firm, powerful and obscure corporation which the aim is the terraforming of the Mars planet. You are a settler freshly disembarked from the Charon, with a shovel level 1 and a a bunker to patch. You need to both survive and develop your skills. You will meet other settlers, some animated with bad intentions, others helping you develop. It is said that in Mount Olympus bar, Fuel Goliath watch over you and sometimes an NPC will track you or help you in your life. You can become an adventurer sands, a leader of commandos squad, a smooth nurse, a mechanic etc. Quests, puzzles, challenges, one against one, will punctuate your life on Mars. And do not forget to set your karmic alignment! But once over there, you will surely see things differently. MMORPG 2D-3D

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