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EternaVerse is a game based on space colonization, combat, and exploration. Players fight amongst themselves for domination of the Universe. In the beginning, players develop their empire to unlock ships, buildings, and technologies. They follow the same technology tree, and can unlock most basic features quite quickly. As they progress, more features and ships are unlocked. Players earn more resources and unlock more ships as they get further in the game. The ultimate goal is to dominate the Universe and rise in the Rankings. It can take teamwork to attain this goal, but not always necessary. Alliances can be made and as many as 16 players can attack or defend together in combined fleets. There is no "end" to the game, just survival of the fittest and those who persevere the longest. EternaVerse has many players experienced in similar games, and has a great support team in the Forums. Most problems are resolved within 24 hours. Conquer the 'Verse!

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