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Dawn 2055

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Dawn 2055 takes place in near future after nuclear holocaust which have destroyed the civilized world as we know it. It's up to players to rebuild the world of Dawn or keep on warring, pillaging and conquering. The game offers various features such: - Player character progression. The game offers to choose 1 of 6 starting specialties which affects further gameplay. The player can further specialize his character in his own playing style by gaining character's experience, be it a crafter, medic or exploration based character. - Hire mercenaries to further improve strengths of your character and make traveling safer. - Exploration of satellite styled 2d map which different types of ruins, encounters, salvageable items and materials and npc or player run towns and other structures. - Extensive crafting system - all materials found in the wasteland can be used to craft or repair various items including different type of weapons, equipment, armor and even vehicles. - Fully player driven economy. All trading is done between players. Buy low in one town and sell high in another! - Fight NPCs encountered in the wasteland. Group with other players and fight powerful bosses which drops unique artifacts and high end items. Encounter different evens which affects player's character depending on choices he makes. - Join with other players and establish your own player run faction. - Extensive PVP system. Fight and loot other players. Or even conquer and pillage towns and structures build by other players! Fight for resources or even world domination! - Sandbox, persistent player shaped world - no forced rules, do whatever you want! Dawn 2055 as well has a great community with friendly players and active chat and forums! See you in the wasteland, Survivor!

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