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Economies of Scale

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Economies of Scale is different from your usual hack n grind games. In this game you are a businessman, and your ultimate goal is to get rich by producing top quality goods and (hopefully) becoming a monopoly of a certain industry. You can work alone and be self-sufficient, but more likely the following will happen: You specialize in producing steel, and with little more research you are able to produce car bodies and engines. You buy the car tires from Player A, who in turn buys the rubber used in tire production from Player B. With all raw materials available, you produce the cars, and sell it to Player C (who owns a large auto dealership) at a profit. Player C jacks up the prices even higher at retail, and makes a handsome profit himself. Then there is Player D who smiles happily, as she owns quite a bit of stocks from Player D's company. As for the graphics, they are quite out-dated, but what is present do improve user experience with hints and tips here and there. Essentially, what this game lacks in graphics is made up for in its depth. If you are looking for an in-depth business sim that does not insult your intelligence, then this game is for you. But if you only have the patience of a 5-year-old, you should avoid this game at all costs.

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