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Diva Chix is a very community-oriented strategy fashion game. What makes us great is that we are about way more than just dress up and competition. We're a member-managed community focused on continuously building the skills of our members. Our game allows members to have fun, be creative, and at the same time gain valuable life lessons such as working as a team, managing finances, and succeeding in business and technology. The core of the game is dressing up your doll and battling against other dolls. Members are able to use clothing made by other members, or even make their own! Members who create clothing can open their very own shop and sell their designs for game currency (moolah and coins). We also offer Guilds, which are teams of members who work together and compete against other guilds. Guilds have proven to be a great way to make friends, help others, and work together toward a common goal.

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