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Accursed Lands

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More an online virtual world than a multi-user-dungeon (MUD), we plan to become an online interactive novel, where people from across the world will animate the characters and form the plotlines. Philosophy: Enabling the playerbase to have more freedom and less restrictions in their actions and providing game mechanics to support that. A helpful disposition and adherance to the spirit of the rules is expected from community members in exchange for a free gaming experience. Roleplay: An interest in roleplaying is mandatory. We will teach you if you don't know how. You need not be dramatic, but you must remain in character while you play. Writing style: Most writing is descriptive in nature, and falls within a low gothic style. There is an emphasis on conciseness and use of evocative language. Character development: A rich theme provides many races and cultures, and character generation will allow you to shape your childhood experiences. Mechanically, you can learn over 250 skills, and improve 21 stats, and gain economic and political power. Player killing: For realism, any player can attack any character with only social consequences from grudges or reputation, and bear in mind that some towns may have a very long memory. Some leniency is expected towards new players who are learning how to interact, and it must add to the overall roleplay experience. Staff: Open minded and as friendly as possible, we encourage new ideas, and consider every contributor a part of our team. Technical features: - Command parser that tries to let you do most things you can type. - All objects in rooms have a room position, and a unique description. - Wilderness ansi graphics survey dependant on position and sight. - Permanent housing you can build in the wilderness. - An economy with price fluctuations and opportunities for trade. - NPCs with sophisticated AI treated as close to PCs as possible. - Huge global map with 6 million areas at ground level to explore. - Underworld where you can build your own permanent tunnels. - Sophisticated movements such as flying and underwater travel. - A complex and unique magic and crafting system. - Riding animals to increase your travel capabilities. - Plenty of opportunities to get yourself into a little IC trouble.

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