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World of Bleach is a free to play browser RPG inspired by the Anime/Manga Bleach. Starting as a human, you can experience the easy life of sparring in a Dojo and beating up gangsters. But when you pass level 5, your world will be rocked. You are thrust into a vicious war between the two main types of spirit beings: Shinigami and Hollow. Shinigami are the keepers of balance, protectors of the innocent, and live in Soul Society. They use spirit attacks known as Kido for attacking, defending, and many other purposes, and use a sword known as a Zanpakuto(Soul Reaper). As they grow stronger, their spirit energy gives birth to a unique set of powers sealed inside their Zanpakuto, which they can achieve access to at varying levels of power. Hollow are tormented souls. Kept from passing over by worry, fear, regret, or anger, the emptiness inside inevitably consumes them. They grow into beastly monsters, and must constantly consume humans and even other Hollows to quell the pain of an empty existence. Consuming all these souls gives them immense power, and eventually they can merge with other Hollows to form a giant known as a Menos Grande. Stronger Menos Grande can develop unique powers, rivaled only by the strongest of Zanpakuto.

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