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All people have been released from our Dungeon Peace to all . Happy Holidays to everyone that celebrates life at different times in the world ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have just updated the realms with battering rams, catapults and stones So even the toughest Realms can be hit pretty hard by anyone , Other changes done in the past month include evil deeds, Realm Kitchen, magic dragon well where you can make a wish, Agadori's Shack {cant tell ya what it does} More items created, along with weapons, Inventory additions, menu bar, quick links to items to help members on their cell phones, and much more, A medieval game , Where you can become a Knight, have fun joining realms and attacking them , Do realm quests once a month where you get rewarded and no one can attack you for 7 days, thus you can train to be better, Many places to travel and there's a hunting field, We also have ladies armour and much more to come Oh and you can throw tomatoes while people are in the stockade. A Kings Quest is opened every month or the traveling merchant visits almost every week for players to get unique items, Dragons, where even a new member has a chance to attack anyone over 100 days and win! and don't forget the Wizard to visit to refill your Magic Bar, I will continue to make Kingdom Realms a place where it continues to be fun and challenging to all and to make sure that the new members have a fighting chance!

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