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Sylestia is an MMORPG Virtual Pet Fantasy game. The world of Sylestia offers many things for a player to do. You can fully customize your avatar and pets, breed your pets using a Mendelian based genetic system, explore through our RPG world, battle enemies, collect treasures, find equipment for your pets, and train your pets with level up points and proficiency trees. We offer our players a fully dynamic imaging system for both our avatar and pets. You can make your avatar and pet completely unique from everyone else. We have many different options and styles to choose from and you are able to choose the RGB color for almost everything. If you like in depth breeding games, then you will love Sylestia. Our pets also come with various genes and mutations, which is a breeder's dream come true in regards to what the limits are with breeding projects. The world of Sylestia is a huge world that is just waiting to be explored. Sylestia has a vast story line and quests for the player to enjoy for countless hours on end. Throughout the day, we also have various dynamic events that everyone can participate in. An example is a bandit raid a on town. The town will be inaccessible during the raid until the whole player base joins together to defeat the bandits and save the town. In each region, there is a dungeon for players to go through on a daily basis as well. Dungeons are very challenging, but offer splendid treasures for the player to collect. So if you enjoy difficulty "end-game" content, you will love exploring Sylestia. We also touch base with a lot of MMORPG elements: such as ability trees, skill points, items of varying quality, crafting (coming soon), gathering (coming soon), and so much more. You can pick from 6 different skill trees to fully customize each pet's abilities. A pet also gains 4 level up points every level that you can spend to increase their statistics. And did we mention the level cap is 250? There is more to customizing pets in Sylestia than their appearance. Sylestia is a constantly evolving game that takes many ideas and suggestions from the player base. Our world is your world and you can help shape and grow our game with us.

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