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hey guys ! YES PKERPARADICE IS BACK!(also know as RAGE PKING!) Cmon guys it back up and its 24/7 ! will be Getting VPS very soon ,soory no pics we are still coding atm! but only been p 3 dasy and nerly 10 players already grats admin mods. owner is very friendly like we all are ew are a pking/skill based server commands we have ----- : : pure ::message ---- if want 2 train def go 2 rock crabs. U NEED OUR CLIENT 2 SEE ALL WEPONS fourm's client: downlaod and extrat to your destop. STILL NEED STAFF DONT ASk OR AUTO BANN/MUTE. hope 2 see u on there! --ags d0w3d---Sneekers----

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