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Boopets is a world born purely of magic, a dimension all its own situated between the human world and the final resting place of souls. Here, chaos and chance rule while running amok with the magic that imbues the very air. Real evil and perfect goodness are rare elements here and the dark and disturbing are considered perfectly normal. Boopets is the axis between heaven and hell, and the balance could tip either way at any time. The frightening creatures that human children dress up as every Halloween aren’t just works of imagination. Once a year the dimensions of the human world and Boopets are on such similar frequencies that travel is allowed between the two places, if one knows a few tricks. The Boovillagers take full advantage of this and cross over, playing pranks and scaring humans for the fun of it, and sometimes a particularly perceptive victim will actually see their tormentor. Stories of ghouls and ghosts have always been prominent, no matter what culture you study, and they can usually be traced right back to Boopets. This world, being situated in a dimension sort of “between” good and evil, was created from those two forces clashing. The incredible energy from the powers smashed together and then, being opposites, rebounded – now tainted. White or “good” magic had come into contact with black magic and so could not be “good” anymore, and vice versa. No longer opposites, the magic came together once again and created an entire universe, bizarre by all accounts. But the white and black magic hadn’t blended entirely. Fragments of each force’s purest form remained, shaping certain places and creatures into more extreme versions of the usual Boovillagers, who were entirely chaotic. The sisters Pixie and Trixie are perfect examples of the influence from these opposites, thus their seemingly unending war with each other. Sometimes these fragments connect and grow stronger, overtaking the chaotic magic and its magical opposite. Like a weighted down see-saw, this can throw Boopets to extremes as the balance is upset and magic flares to fight it. In the early days of this world, this meant that Boopets was regularly on the edge of an apocalypse. Magic, especially wild magic not controlled by any source, is alive and unpredictable. It would sense a slight tip of the see-saw, rush towards that end of the spectrum and then back again, trying to balance itself out again. Magic users during these times became sick and sometimes went insane, their own power bursting out from their bodies, which couldn’t handle such an outpouring. Others burned out, severed from magic altogether, and still some gained powers they never had before. The land would shift; earthquakes rocked and changed the face of the world permanently while volcanoes clogged the air with ash. New species would emerge only to have older ones die out because of the chaotic environment. Boopets lived in this state of chaos for hundreds of years before a group of power sorcerers came together to stop it. Their goal was to keep the world balanced, the magic neutral, not tipping towards perfection or evil but staying precisely in the middle. At first these sorcerers were ill received; the people were terrified they would use their incredible gifts to shape the world into what they wanted rather than what was ultimately good. The sorcerers tried arguing with the people. They said that such unstable magic prevented free will, as it affected people’s minds and caused them to make decisions they normally would not have. Someone a little shady would turn suddenly into a serial killer, or if the other side of magic took over, people were weighed down by their own guilt as they dwelt on their imperfections. If they were to live in any sort of peace, the sorcerers said, the wild magic would need to be tamed. Even so, the people didn’t like the idea of so few having so much power. And then one of the sorcerers devised a way to put the public’s fear at ease while allowing them to keep the world in one piece: locks on their own abilities. Ancient symbols were tattooed onto the forearms and forehead of each sorcerer, powerful charms that could see right into one’s heart. Now, with the locks, the sorcerers could not use magic at all for selfish use. They couldn’t even create a flame to light a candle. Balance was their goal and it was all the locks allowed them to achieve. Satisfied, the people – which included several other groups who had threatened to overtake the original group of sorcerers – accepted their new authority. The sorcerers built a secluded home in a forest, each taking an apprentice with them to keep the order going when their predecessors died. Since then, the magic of Boopets has been kept in order, and only the most powerful dark or white magic has so far upset the balance. Unceasingly, the sorcerers intercede for the world. They watch and they correct. However, this world is still set precariously between good and evil. It’s a no-man’s land in clear view of either side’s battle lines and the slightest upset to the sorcerers keeping it in line would mean destruction the likes of which Boovillagers have never seen.

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