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Vote For Monster MMORPG Game For Pokemon Online Games Lovers - Free
Monster MMORPG Game For Pokemon Online Games Lovers - Free

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If you enjoy games like Pokemon, then Monster MMORPG is more than what you are looking for. In addition, there is absolutely no download required to play Monster MMORPG. Monster MMORPG is a large and established game with friendly moderators and users. The server is very stable with a range of good features for every player. Monster MMORPG is a free to play game based on catching, training, and battling Monsters which will keep you more entertained than playing Pokemon Online games. This game is totally free to play and does not require any downloads, you just need a decent browser. You are going to love it if you love Pokemon games. If you like to play Pokemon RPGs, then this game is just for you. Still not convinced Here are some of Monster MMORPGs amazing features - Very professionaly designed and good looking maps. - Advanced and balanced game mechanics. - 659 different Monsters which are unique in their own way. - 100 different natures which provide stat changes to the Monsters. - 560 different moves which work perfectly with extra features, like paralyzing the enemy or increasing your Attack stat. - 207 different abilities which work perfectly with extra features like recovering HP every turn or making a Monster immune to moves or burning them. - Perfectly working Unique Values and Training Points system which makes everyones Monster unique in their own way. - Perfectly working Market system which provides a system of buying and selling items as well as Monsters. In addition, the Market allows Trainers to trade their Monsters with other Trainers. - Server side cheating checking system to prevent any kind of hacking or bug abusing. - Advanced map system which allows you to catch Monsters, walk on water or smash rocks. - Perfectly working live battle PVP system which allows you to battle with other Trainers and have fun while battling. - Awesomely designed Monster Dex which has a lot of filtering features to make your job easier when youre searching for the desired Monsters. - Real time statistics saving to prevent any work you do to get lost and to let you continue to the game anytime from anywhere you finished last. - Game page integrated chat system which allows players to chat with friends or other Trainers while you are playing. - There is a very advanced in-game private messaging system. - Logically designed top Trainers ranking system. - Lots of other unique features which are waiting for you to be explored.

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