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Shinobi Densetsu

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The Game is based off the Naruto Anime/manga series, with a unique twist: There are unique villages, unique bloodlines, the basic fighting arts (ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu and kenjutsu). The game starts off with the player understanding that the old world (where Naruto existed), is no more, and got destroyed by a beast and now the world is being rebuilt. A player will get to choose their specialty, interact with other players, take part in village politics. The major game play revolves around being the most feared Shinobi, and becoming a legend in the process. The game features a manga, that chronicles the main events of the game; past, present and future. Considering the mass appeal of Naruto and most anime media, shinobi densetsu has quite a following, and players will enjoy being in such a community of enthusiasts. And that's how a Shinobi Densetsu is formed.

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