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At BreePets you can breed your own pets of different races based on real genetics. You have to feed and entertain them, thus you can train them to be ready for battling against other pets. To buy food and toys and other stuff, you can play many singleplayer and even multiplayer games. At the beginning, you can buy fresh pets and mutate their DNA with the help of mutators. Afterwards, you breed them to get higher-valued pets. To be ready for battling, you can train your pets to make them stronger. If you aren't online, you can send your pets to work to earn BreePoints for you (the ingame currency) or send them to sleep. The main goal is to unlock achievements like avatars and trophies through different game interactions. Furthermore, the more you play, the higher you will be in the global ranking. There are many features, which can be unlocked by progressing in the game. We have a very kind community, which helps everybody to get into the game if someone needs help. We have a chat and a forum, thus you get answers very fast. We, the administrators, are also very active and keep our eye on the game to maintain a peaceful place for everyone. BreePets - Breed, Feed & Play!

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