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Naval Gun
Use your missiles wisely to destroy enemy submarines and planes
87 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Samba De Mausland
Click on as many objects as possible to get the song to play nicely
81 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Treasure Cannon
Old Templar Vaults are full of treasure! Shoot your Cannon to hit Trea…
77 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Chris Ryan's Sniper Schoo…
Passes the training before the real mission
69 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

This is a ninja fighting game
68 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Aliens attack
A simple invader clone
65 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Get Flippy
Shoot the dolphins when they jump out from the sea.
62 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Alien Hominid
Pretty violent alien shooting game even it is in cartoon style
61 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Breaking Point
Your main objective is to defense against the mutant zombies.
58 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Gunman Shooter 2
Shoot down the stick men with your sniper rifle
51 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Pokemon: The Revolution
Attack the flying pokemon with your gun
43 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Brighton Bounty Hunter
Shoot all that you can see on screen
39 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Redneck Shoot-Out
Eliminate all redneck by shooting them. Complete 3 levels of difficult…
38 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Shoot the coconuts before it fall on the ground
36 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Use your catapult to shoot at cute little cats - extreme violent!
36 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Shoot anything that moved on your screens
35 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Plucky's Snowball Bash
Hit the penguins using snowball. Try not to miss the penguin because y…
33 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Spy Hunter
A unique shooting game where you are a spy on your special Agent Car
32 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Shoot David Blaine
Shoot down this celebrity/magician while he swings above mocking you.
31 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

Escaper Caper
Shoot all the enemies before they shoot you
30 plays  Overall rating: 0.0  

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